AVIOR Flip-Chip Prober


  • Handles up to 8” (200mm) wafers
  • Multiple contact mechanism options include Probe Card Holder, Wedge Probe Card and MPI F1 single probe module.
  • Maximum support for multiple probing schemes and optical input/output orientations:
    • Wafer top side electrical probe + bottom side optical measurement
    • Simultaneous probing of wafer top/bottom surfaces
  • MPI SIRIUS prober control software provides comprehensive control functions from basic wafer alignment, mapping, probe mark inspection to the deployment of MPI’s advanced Needle Alignment Mechanism (NAM) technology.
  • The STARGAZER Photonics Test System features a user-centric design that can be flexibly configured and programmed according to your unique test requirements.


STARGAZER Photonics Test System
Flexibility: With support for multiple test recipes, the user can flexibly select or modify the workflow or edit parameters according to the product and tests being performed
Production Management: Manage lab/production data via the intuitive and easy-to-use software interface. Integrated real-time system monitoring and reporting enable a smooth and fully unattended test process
Seamless Integration: With MPI’s extensive instrument library, the STARGAZER test system can easily interface with mainstream third-party measurement instruments to meet your unique testing needs.


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