Modular probe card

  • Optimized for DC parametric test, modeling and characterization, and single site WLR
  • Can be quickly installed using an interface tool into various interfaces and takes minimal storage space on the test floor
  • Can be configured with up to 100 probes
  • Probes can be configured in either single or dual layer
  • 43 millimeter ceramic probe card
  • Effective operating temperature range from -65° to 200°C
  • Leakage as low as 5fA/V
  • Repairable

The VC43™ Element Series probe card is modular and can be quickly and easily installed into a variety of industry compatible probing platforms including: MPPT, Verigy, P9000 or other custom solutions including cabled-out interfaces.

In addition to saving time, another advantage of the modularity is the ability to leave the interface in place and simply install the VC43™ topside using Celadon’s twist and lock insertion tool which minimizes the possibility of triboelectric or interconnect issues that can occur during typical probe card changes. The VC43™ can be used for production parametric test, modeling, characterization, and wafer level reliability testing. Cards can be configured up to 104 probes in either single or dual layer with near vertical probes to minimize scrub lengths on pads allowing the VC43s to probe pads as small as 30 microns.

Celadon’s proven AttoFast™ technology has been integrated into the VC43™ probe card resulting in superior leakage performance, low and more stable capacitance while retaining the flexibility of a modular probe card system. The VC43EAF is an option offered as a sister product to the VC43™. Both designs of the VC43 are compatible with direct dock Parametric Testers and with cabled out solutions to support rack and stack testing.