3KV High Voltage Test

High Voltage Motherboard

  • Only High-Voltage Cable-out system available
  • Cores can support up to 32 DC channels and 12 HV channels
  • Stable probing temperature Room Temp to 200C
  • High Voltage Core and High Voltage Motherboard Channels Rated to 3kV/channel [layout dependent]
  • Integrates with Celadon VersaJet™
  • Quasi-Kelvin Cabling Available

45EHV/VC20EHV: 4.5inch High Voltage Motherboard for Celadon Element™ 20mm VC20EHV VersaCore™ and VersaJet™ System.

Recommend: Celadon Custom Probe Card Holder unless the whole system is going in a chamber