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Trendsetting Methodologies for Wafer-Level RF Measurements


This application note discusses unique integrated solutions developed by the MPI Corporation and Rohde & Schwarz to satisfy the most challenging wafer-level measurement requirements of modern RF devices and integrated circuits.


Simplifying the Art of Terahertz Measurements


This application note discusses unique solutions developed by the MPI Corporation to address challenges of wafer-level calibration and measurements at THz frequency.



TITAN™ RF Probe Quick Setup Guide


This quick How-To reference discusses such topics as how to planarize, clean and use TITAN probes properly to ensure consistent measurement and calibration results over the longest period of time.


MPI TITAN™ Probe Calibration for WinCal XE Users


This quick How-To reference provides the step-by-step guidance for WinCal XE users on how to setup a successful calibration of TITAN probes and the AC-x family of calibration substrates from the MPI Corporation.


C-V Measurements at the Wafer-Level


This quick How-To reference presents MPI solutions for accurate CV-measurements, system calibration to the probe tip and calibration verification.


On-Wafer Small-Signal and Large-Signal Measurements up to Sub-THz Frequencies


The paper discusses issues involved in on-wafer calibration at mm-wave frequencies, which is the basis for accurate measurements and characterization of active and passive devices.


Temperature Impact on the In-Situ S-Parameter Calibration in Advanced SiGe Technologies


This paper analyzes the in-situ S-parameter multiline TRL and the transfer TMR calibration methods for the sensitivity to the thermal variation of electrical characteristics of calibration standards.


On-Wafer S-Parameters & Uncertainties


This presentation starts with the basics of S-parameter measurement and calibration techniques at wafer-level. Special attention is paid on how to choose the right calibration method as well as on defining the calibration reference impedance of a calibrated system. In conclusion, the potential sources of calibration residual errors are analyzed and practical examples are given on how to minimize the impact of such errors on the measurement accuracy of a calibrated probe system.


mm-Wave Calibration and De-Embedding


This presentation discusses the basics of the wafer-level calibration and de-embedding and focuses on the best practices.

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