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With a critical understanding of the numerous measurement challenges associated with today’s RF applications, MPI Corporation has developed TITAN™ RF Probes, a product series specifically optimized for complex applications centered upon the requirements of advanced RF customers. 


TITAN™ Probes provide the latest advancement in technology and manufacturing within the field of RF testing: Derived from the technology transfer that accompanied the acquisition of Allstron, then significantly enhanced by MPI’s highly experienced RF testing team, and subsequent production utilizing MPI’s world class MEMS technology.


Precisely manufactured, the TITAN™ Probes include matched 50 Ohm MEMS contact tips with improved probe electrical characteristics which allow the realization of unmatched calibration results over a wide frequency range. The patented protrusion tip design enables small passivation window bond pad probing, while significantly reducing probe skate, thus providing the outstanding contact repeatability required in today’s provoking measurement environments. TITAN™ Probes with all their features are accompanied by a truly affordable price.


The TITAN™ Probe series are available in single-ended and dual tip configurations, with pitches ranging from 50 to 1250 micron and frequencies from 26 to 110 GHz. TITAN™ RF Probes are the ideal choice for on-wafer S-parameter measurements of RF, mm-wave devices and circuits up to 110 GHz as well as for the characterization of RF power devices requiring up to 10 Watts of continuous power. Finally, customers can benefit from both long product life and unbeatable cost of ownership which they have desired for years.

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