VPL 3100 - Voltage Protection & Limiter Unit

Easy, quick and safe test setups up to 1.1 kV


The Voltage Protection & Limiter Unit offers a cost effective and safe integration of up to two Keithley 3 kV SMUs 2657A into existing 500 V - 1 kV (3-lug standard triax) test setups. The device safely limits the voltage by using a multi-staged and independent safety circuitry. The trigger level is configurable between 500 V and 1.1 kV.


Additionally up to six 200 V SMU (e.a. Keithley 2636/37, SCS4200, 236/238) can be connected. With integrated protection circuitry they are reliably protected against overvoltage surges from the DUT.

The VPL 3100 integrates a full interlock management for all existing test fixtures, protective covers and wafer prober.


With its safety shutdown feature, all connected High Voltage SMUs and 200 V SMUs are immediately disconnected and grounded in case of an interlock or 3 kV overvoltage event.


Easy, quick and safe test setups up to 1 kV with all components in one box. Saves investment for new 3 kV certified cabling and test fixtures for <1.1 kV measurement needs.


Measurement Protection Box


Messablauf Protection Box












Features & Benefits

  • Interfaces for up to two 3 kV Keithley
  • 6 overvoltage protection modules for 200 V SMUs
  • HV limitation configurable 500 V to 1.1 kV
  • Full Triax interfaces for all inputs and outputs
  • Adaptation between Keithley high voltage cables (3 kV) and standard HV-triax (1.1 kV)
  • Communication interface, controlled through 2657A Keithley TSP (Test Script Processor) library included
  • CE certified
  • optional: interface to status beacon
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