MeasLab - Intelligent measuring platform

MeasLab is a freely programmable real-time controller for measurement and control tasks.


The hardware consists of a base module with:MeasLab

  • ARM 9 Prozessor
  • 400 MHz Taktfrequenz
  • 64 MB Ram
  • 128 MB Flash memory


An integrated monochrome display with a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels provides enough space for status messages and additional information.


Data Sheet


Interface Specifications

  • 12 analog voltage inputs (-10...10 V)
  • 8 analog voltage outputs (-10...10 V)
  • 16 digital inputs (0...15 V) 
  • 16 digital outputs (0...15 V)
  • remote control by TCP/IP

MeasLab provides a trigger link for connecting several boards to solve complex measurement tasks.



Optional modules for extendable application range:

  • fast 100 mA power supply with current and voltage feedback measurement with 0...10 V
  • bipolar 1 A supply with current and voltage feedback measurement with 0...10 V (4 per board)
  • 12-channel differential amplifier board with 4 current sources

Including Lua Script Editor

A comfortable Lua Script Editor with syntax - highlighting and auto complete functionality - is included. 
It is used for creating Lua Scripts and the visualization of automatically generated measurement data.

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