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Lua Skript The Lua Script Editor is a software specially developed for TSP script and Lua script enabled devices for the automation of measurement tasks. The software works with TCP / IP enabled devices of the series 26XX, 37XX and 2450 by KEITHLEY Instruments, as well as with the Lua script-enabled devices of the MeasLab series from ATV Systems. The editor allows direct programming of complex test sequences with the metrology instrument and provides simple functions for viewing and editing the measurement results directly on the PC.


Programming can be done completely in the language of the instrument (Lua or TSP script). Recourse to more complex high-level languages such as C / C ++ or C # is no longer necessary


Lua DiagrammThe software enables design engineers to easily create test scripts that can be run directly in the script editor or in an enclosed runtime environment of production-related testing sites. The scheduler can be simplified by means of graphical user interfaces (GUI). Direct visualization of the resulting measurement data and their storage are possible.




Delivery Items

The system consists of the following components:

  • Lua Script Editor: An integrated development environment for creating measuring test scripts and graphical user interfaces.
  • Runtime environment of the script editor: Provides a mechanism for measuring scripts without being able to modify the source code (operator mode)
  • Lua RTE: This software allows any PC to be converted into a Lua enabled device. For instance, the Lua script editor thus enables access to a KEITHLEY 4200.


The script editor is delivered with an extensive collection of practical examples for various measuring tasks in order to facilitate starting process. The measurement of MOSFETS or picking up a single power / voltage characteristics with devices of KEITHLEY 26XX series are demonstrated.


Your advantage: the Lua Script Editor is included with any compatible device bought at ATV Systems. The acquisition of individual licenses, and the relicensing of existing equipment is also possible.​

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