Keithley Switching Systems

Model 707B/708B

  • Compatible with the most popular plug-in cards designed for the 707A/708A mainframes
  • Support for both remote (via LXI, USB, and GPIB interfaces) and manual (via front panel) programming
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Model 4200-SCS for semiconductor I-V and C-V characterization via GPIB interface
  • Stores hundreds of switching configurations and channel patterns in non-volatile memory for reuse
  • Embedded TSP® processor and TSP-Link Technology interface make it easy to integrate Series 2600B System SourceMeter® SMU instruments into a high speed, self-contained tester




Model 707B / 708B


Data Sheet Keithley 707B / 708B

Model 3700

  • Six slot system switch mainframe with optional high performance multimeter
  • Multi-processor architecture optimized for high throughput scanning and pattern switching applications
  • Remote PC control via Ethernet, USB, and GPIB interfaces
  • Up to 576 two-wire or 720 one-wire multiplexer channels in one mainframe
  • Up to 2,688 one-pole matrix crosspoints in one mainframe
  • Embedded Test Script Processor (TSP®) offering unparalleled system automation, throughput, and flexibility
  • TSP-Link Technology master/slave connection provides easy system expansion and seamless connection to Series 2600 and 2600B SourceMeter®SMU instruments
  • Capable of over 14,000 readings per second to memory with optional high performance multimeter




Model 37xx


Data Sheet Keithley Serie 3700A


Model 2700/2750

  • Combines functions of DMM, switch system, and datalogger
  • True 6½-digit (22-bit) resolution
  • Choice of 12 switch/control plug-in modules
  • Up to 200 differential input channels (with 300V isolation) for measurement and control
  • Free LabVIEW™, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic, C/C++, and TestPoint™ drivers (IVI style)
  • Communications capabilities LXI, Ethernet, GPIB, USB




Model 2700 / 2701 / 2750


Data Sheet Keithley 2700 / 2701 / 2750

Model 7001/7002

  • 7001:80 Channel - 2 Slot Half Rack Switch Mainframe
  • 7002: 400 Channel - 10 Slot Full Rack Switch Mainframe
  • Integrates easily with DMM and SourceMeter® SMU instruments
  • Full channel status display
  • Supports 17 switch/control cards

Keithley Switching Systems by comparison


Product family Semiconductor System Switch Switch/Measure Systems
Model 707A Model 708B Model 3700 Model 2700 Model 7001 Model 7002
Keithley 707B Keithley 708B Keithley 3700 Keithley 2700 Keithley 7001


Keithley 7002

6-Slot, Semiconductor Switching Matrix - New Features and Improved Performance
Single-Slot, Semiconductor Switching Matrix - New Features and Improved Performance System Switch with optional High Performance Multimeter and Plug-In Cards
Integrated Switching/ Measurement/ Datalogging Systems
80 Ch - 2 Slot Half Rack Switch Mainframe
400 Ch - 10 Slot Full Rack Switch Mainframe
max. channels or crosspoints per chassis up to 576 per mainframe up to 96 per mainframe up to 576 ch or 2688 crosspoints per mainframe up to 80 per mainframe (2700, 2701), up to 200 per mainframe (2750) up to 80 per mainframe up to 400 per mainframe
Card slots 6 1 6 2 (2700, 2701),
5 (2750)
2 10
Automatic CJC - - Yes (optional) Yes - -


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