Keithley Source Measurement Units (SMU)

2600B System SourceMeter® SMU Instruments

  • Family of dual- or single-channel models with I-V capability from 10 A pulse to 0.1 fA and 200 V to 100 nV
  • TSP® (Test Script Processor) technology for best-in-class throughput and lowest cost of test
  • Compatibility with the Keithley IVy mobile app enables true plug & play I/V characterization and test through any Android device.
  • Browser-based GUI enables testing on any PC from anywhere in the world



Keithley 2604B

Model 260xx


Data Sheet Keithley Serie 2600

2650A High Power System SourceMeter® SMU Instruments

  • Source and measure up to 3 kV or 50 A pulse, with best-in-class low current resolution
  • Up to 2000 W pulse or 200 W DC power
  • Optimized for characterizing and testing high power semiconductors,electronics, and materials

2400 SourceMeter® SMU Instruments

  • Family of single-channel models with I-V capability from 1100 V to 100 nV and 10.5 A pulse to 1 pA
  • Smart alternative to separate Power Supplies and Digital Multimeters (DMMs)
  • Convenient DMM-like user interface

Touchscreen Model 2450 / 2460 SourceMeter® SMU Instruments

  • Learn faster; work smarter; invent easier
  • Offers I-V system, curve tracer, and semiconductor analyzer capabilities at a fraction of their cost
  • Source and measure voltage, current, and resistance in one tightly-coupled instrument
  • Up to 210 V, up to 7 A dc/7 A pulse, up to 100 W max
  • Sensitivities as low as 10 nV and 10 fA sensitivity
  • Interactive, capacitive touchscreen enables a superior user experience




Keithley 2450

Model 2450 / 2460


Data Sheet Keithley 2450


Data Sheet Keithley 2460

4200-SCS Parameter Analyzer

  • Fully integrated I-V, C-V and Pulse in one analyzer
  • Configured to meet your test needs, flexible for tomorrow’s ever changing requirements
  • Intuitive software to easily set up tests and capture/analyze data
  • Ultra-fast I-V modules synchronized for transient, waveform capture and pulsed I-V capabilities
  • Over 450 user-modifiable application tests makes it easy to make complicated measurements
  • Prober and temperature controller drivers



Keithley 4200A-SCS

Model 4200A-SCS


Data Sheet Keithley 4200A-SCS

High Power Curve Tracer Solutions

  • 3 kV/100 A high power characterization
  • Full range of C-V capability
  • Low start-up cost and expandable when funding allows
  • Reconfigure your test system as requirements change
  • Comprehensive software to easily characterize power devices
  • User-modifiable application tests makes it easy to make complicated measurements

Keithley Source Measure Units by comparison

  SourceMeter® Instruments Series 2400
Keithley 2400 Keithley 2401 Keithley 2410 Keithley 2420 Keithley 2425 Keithley 2430 Keithley 2440
Model 2400 2401 2410 2420 2425 2430 2440
Description 200V, 1A, 20W 20V, 1A, 20W 1100V, 1A, 20W 60V, 3A, 60W 100V, 3A, 110W 100V, 10A, 1100W with pulse mode
40V, 5 A, 50W


  SourceMeter® Instruments Series 2600B
Keithley 2601B Keithley 2602B Keithley 2604B Keithley 2611B Keithley 2612B Keithley 2614B Keithley 2634B Keithley 2635B Keithley 2636B
Model 2601B 2602B 2604B 2611B 2612B 2614B 2634B 2635B 2636B
Description 40V, 100fA, 3A DC / 10A pulse, single channel
40V, 100fA, 3A DC / 10A pulse, two channels
40V, 100fA, 3A DC / 10A pulse, two channels
200V, 100fA, 1.5A DC / 10A pulse, single channel 200V,
100fA, 1.5A DC / 10A, two channels
200V , 100fA, 1.5A DC / 10A, two channels
200V, 1fA, 1.5A DC / 10A, two channels
200V, 0.1fA, 1.5A DC / 10A, single channel
0.1fA, 1.5A DC / 10A pulse, two channels


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