MPI exhibits at the European Microwave Week 2016

This year's exhibition for the European Microwave Week will be taking place at the ExCel Centre in London from October 3 - 7. How to Get to the ExCel Centre.


MPI will have a joint presentation with Rohde & Schwarz: Booth #3.

MPI presents a live demo with its Terahertz Prober TS150-THZ: Booth #109.

AutomatisierungsTechnik Voigt GmbH will join MPI at their booth as well.



Meeting 1 μm Accuracy Requirements - the TS150-THZ is your Probe System

for your mmW applications



  • 1 µm fine XYZ wafer positioning with the unique air-bearing chuck stage
  • 1 µm contact repeatability with the “automated” platen lift function
  • 1 µm Δl settings for most accurate multi-line TRL calibration 



MPIs TS150-THZ is the worldwide first probe station designed explicitly for precise measurements on wafer and/or substrates in sub-THz range. Designed for maximum on stability, the system is the ideal platform and for easy re-setting of different banded mmW solutions, due to a seamless integration of state of the art frequency extenders.


Additional Product Showcase at Booth #3: Joint Presentation from MPI and Rohde & Schwarz with Live Demo of a ZVA40 and a TS150-THZ


  • TS200: Manual 200 mm 4-Port RF Probe System
  • TS2000-SE: Automated 200 mm Probe System for Device Characterization
  • SENTIO®: Revolutionary and Truly Intuitive Prober Control Software
  • QAlibria®: RF Calibration Software
  • TITAN RF Probes: From 26 GHz to 110 GHz
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