ATV exhibits at the PCIM 2017 in Nuremberg

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From May 16th til 18th, 2017 the AutomatisierungsTechnik Voigt is exhibiting for the first time with our own booth at the PCIM in Nuremberg.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at out Booth 449 in Hall 6.

A free ticket is available on request or via our newsletter.


PCIM is one of the most important trade fairs in Germany for high-power technology. In addition to our own developed products such as the PIV 1002 and the VPL 3100, we will also present products from our distribution partners Celadon Systems, Inc., MPI Corporation and Keithley Instruments.


At our booth we are showing:

  • ATV Voltage Protection & Limiter Unit VPL 3100
  • ATV HVC Switch for simultaneous measurement with 3kV and 100A
  • Keithley's high current-/high voltage SMUs 2651A and 2657A
  • Keithley 4200A Parameter Analyzer
  • MPI Probe System TS200-HP
  • the brand new 3kV probe card from Celadon Systems

measuring setup ATV HVC Switch

AutomationsTechnik Voigt GmbH (ATV) combines Keithley 3kV and 100A  sources with the  HVC Switch to realize automated measurements of power components (such as Mosfet transistors) at wafer level as well as on capped devices.


The specially designed HVC switch alternatingly measures the high-voltage as well as the high-current SMU on the correlating component. The unit functions as a 4 pole switch, enabling leakage current and RDS(on) measurements with one probing process.


The HVC Switch has a triaxial design for most accurate measurements, paying attention on highest
insulation and low impedance. The ATV uses a triaxial design to ensure the most accurate measurements.


Leakage current, RDS(on) and threshold (Vth) measurements can be performed. The switch is compatible in use with triax probe arms as well as for high current probes with banana plug. The HVC switch is controlled via RS232 from the HV-SMU or a control PC.


Keithley 4200A Parameter Analyzer

Keithley 4200A Parameter AnalyzerThe 4200A-SCS is a modular, structured parameter analyzer that realizes electrical characterization of DUTs. Current-voltage (I-U), capacitance-voltage (C-U) and ultra-fast pulsed current-voltage characterization (I-U) are possible. The special 4200A-CVIV switching module allows easy switching between I-U and C-U measurements. The most powerful analyzer, the 4200A-SCS, accelerates the testing of complex components in materials research, the development of semiconductor devices and in process development and production.


MPI High Power Probe Systeme

MPI High-Power Test Systems are specially designed for testing on-wafer power DUTs. These systems provide a safe and shielded measurement environment up to 10 kV and 600 A.


With the High Power Probers TS150-HP and TS200-HP you have the following advantages:

  • High voltage insulation for small leakage currents
  • Smallest transistors for high current applications
  • Secure and TÜV certified work environment for the operator
  • Handling extra-thin wafer
  • Complete integration of various measuring instruments
  • Test environment from -60°C to 300°C

measuring setup TS2000-HP Probe Station


Celadon High Voltage Probe Card

Celadon 3kV probe cardCeladon Systems has expanded its portfolio with a 3kV probe card. Based on the modular VersaCore technology, up to 12 channels can now be configured with up to 3 kV. The working temperature ranges from -60°C to 200°C is not restricted thereby.


The probe card can also be equipped with a module for reducing or avoiding arcing on the wafer and the needles.

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