ATV is distribution partner for Metrology Products from Keithley/Tektronix Metrology Products

The AutomatisierungsTechnik Voigt GmbH has been system integrator of metrology products from Keithley Instruments since our formation in 2000. We act as a system integrator, and thus offer additional customer specific solutions. You have a special application? We offer you customized metrology products!


Since 2010, we also have been distribution partner of Keithley Instruments with competence and support center. You can order your Keithley metrology products directly through us.


Who is Keithley Instruments/Tektronix?


Today, as a part of the Tektronix test and measurement portfolio, Keithley Instruments continues to help customers invent on a broader and deeper scale. Their products have been developed with ingenuity, precision, and simplicity in mind to meet the emerging challenges of the test and measurement industry.


The product of Keithley Instruments meets any measurement requirement from nanovolts to gigahertz:

  • Full-featured bench instruments with outstanding performance and excellent versatility for any budget
  • Award-winning SMU instruments and systems from seven distinct product families to keep pace with your evolving test requirements
  • Specialized low-level instruments that reach far beyond the sensitivity of a digital multimeter 
  • Semiconductor characterization and parametric test systems that reaffirm Keithley's lab to fab commitment

As the test and measurement industry continues to evolve, Keithley and Tektronix, which are backed by more than 60 years of electrical measurement leadership, continue to develop test solutions that help you do your job better and with greater confidence.

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