ATV is distribution partner for Celadon Systems Probe Cards

The AutomatisierungsTechnik Voigt GmbH has been distributor of Celadon Systems probe cards since 2015 throughout Europe. We handle all enquiries regarding new cards, warranty or repair issues.


Who is Celadon System, Inc.?


Celadon Systems, Inc. was founded to satisfy the semiconductor industry’s need for ultra-high accuracy device characterization and for monitoring wafer level reliability tests over many sites over a long period of time, and they are dedicated to enriching the lives of their customers and employees while sustaining strong profitable growth in a challenging, inspiring and empowered environment.


Today, with the growing number of devices utilizing nano-technology and with cost pressures to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible, Celadon is making significant investments into innovative new products, customer service, and technical support, all geared to help customers deliver technology on time and on budget.


They are driven by their core values of Innovation, Versatility, Continuous Improvement, Integrity, and Respect.


To become the number one ultra-high performance wafer probe solution provider by consistently delivering innovative, reliable and cost effective products that surpass our manufacturing and engineering partners’ test and measurement expectations.


The semiconductor industry is an industry of extremes, and their ultra-high performance probe cards and probing solutions are built to thrive in those extremes. Their patented crash-resistant ceramic designs ensure unparalleled precision, low leakage, and sustained reliability for a wide range of testing applications, from modeling & characterization, to wafer level reliability, to parametric test.


Extreme reliability

Medical, Automotive, Aviation, Business Systems


Extreme operating voltages and currents

10E-06 to 10E+03 Volt
10E-18 to 10E+03 Ampere


Extreme operating temperatures

Cryo to 600 °C

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