MPI MicroPositioners

MPI offers a wide variety of backlash-free MicroPositioners to address every operational and measurement condition. These vary from small footprint to micrometer driven high resolution positioners for RF and mmW applications.


Unified Z-direction, ergonomic operation, and a strong magnetic base enable fine probe placement for high contact quality on the wafer pad producing unsurpassed measurement results. The MPI MicroPositioners are designed with universal interface compatible to all probe arms for ease of application specifics adaptations. Design varieties allow operators to choose MicroPositioners which fit their operational familiarity thus providing immediate proficiency.


The MPI self-developed MicroPositioners are designed without compromise. The full carbon-steel structure enables stable contact over a long period of time and superior positioning accuracy.



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Kelvin Arms

Kelvin Coax Probe Halter

The MPI Kelvin probe holder has a unique vertical self-leveling probe tip which is isolated as close as possible to the DUT up to 300 °C. They are the new benchmark for accurate ultra-low noise, impedance or pulsed-IV measurements. Making a novice user able to perform fast and accurate measurements, Kelvin probes provide easy reconfiguration for 4TP-connection or/and splitting the ground for pulsed-IV tests.Clear labeling for Force/Sense or High/Low potentials is available.

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