MPI Laser Cutter System LCS-635

The unique MPI Laser Cutter System LCS-635 is designed for accurate and reliable Failure Analysis and Design Validation applications.


Variable configurations based on 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm or 266 nm wavelengths provides the capability to remove several semiconductor materials and metals selectively, see below the table.


Available for ambient and/or hot only temperature operation modes the TS2000 is fast with speed up to 10 Dies/second (depends on the final configuration), which makes it an ideal choice for pre-production electrical tests on discrete RF devices, as example.

The MPI Laser Cutter System is based on compact Diode Pump Solid State Laser, providing high beam quality, even at 266 nm, with enhanced pulse-to-pulse stability, and these by the unsurpassed low energy consumption.


The LCS-635 has more than 150x times longer lifetime as other conventional available laser systems on the market, and the passive, conductive laser head cooling, which eliminates the need for water, are making the system very reliable and reducing significantly the maintenance costs.


Designing the SMART Controller with intuitive, touch-screen graphical user interface, four free-defined function buttons for fast, direct access, the six user cutting recipes, are making the daily operation of the Laser Cutter System very convenient and easy.


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