VersaCore™ Probe Cards

VC20 Element Series™

Modeling & Characterizaton, Production Parametric Test, and Single-Site Wafer Level Reliability


The VC20 Element Series probe card is the size of a coin, and can be quickly and easily installed into multiple interfaces for various automatic and analytical probe stations for modeling and characterization, production parametric test, and wafer level reliability testing. Cards can be configured with up to 48 probes, in either single or dual layer, with nearly vertical probes to minimize scrub lengths on pads, allowing VC20s to probe pads as small as 30 um.

The same VC20 card can be used across multiple Element Series interfaces compatible with many industry-standard probing platforms. Use the same probe card for multiple tests, or change out VC20s for different layouts on the same prober. Leave the interface in place, and just install the VC20 - minimizing the possibility of triboelectric or interconnect issues that can occur during typical probe card changes.

VC20 Setup


Motherboard with VC20



VC20 Attofast™

Low-Leakage, Fast Settling, Low Capacitance Modular Probe Card


The widely used VC20™ probe card, the probe card of choice for most modeling, characterization and reliability labs and production parametric probe floors, has a new sister product called the VC20EAF™. Celadon’s proven AttoFast™ technology has been integrated into the VC20™ probe card resulting in superior leakage performance, low and more stable capacitance while retaining the flexibility of a modular probe card system.

Both designs of the VC20™ are compatible with direct dock testers including Keithley and Agilent/Keysight Parametric Testers and with cabled-out solutions to support rack and stack testing using the Celadon 45E™ cabled-out probe card adaptor in an analytical manual or semi-automatic prober.

VC20 Attofast Core


VC20 Attofast with motherboard


VC20™: Low Leakage at 10 sec

  • Leakage < 5 fA/V from -65 °C to 75 °
  • Leakage < 10 fA/V from 75 °C to 100 °
  • Leakage < 50 fA/V from 100 °C to 150 °C
  • Leakage < 300 fA/V from 150 °C to 200 °C

VC20 EAF™: Low Leakage at 10 sec



Features & Benefits

  • 45E interface makes VC20 probe card compatible with standard 4.5” holders
  • 4080E interface makes VC20 probe carrd compatible with Agilent 408x testers
  • Up to 48 single layer probes per card
  • Minimum pitch pattern-dependent
  • Standard X-Y accuracy 10% pad size
  • Standard Z accuracy +/- 5 microns

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