Cryogenic 4K Probe Cards

Celadon’s Crash Resistant™ probe technology

  • Temperature range: Cryogenic, down to 4K
  • Performance Type: Low Leakage, Cryogenic

Over the last 20 years the Celadon Engineering team has developed an expertise in cryogenic materials which has resulted in a solid reputation in the industry for producing extremely stable cryogenic on-wafer probe cards as well as DUT probing solutions. These Cryogenic probe cards have all the benefits of Celadon’s Crash Resistant™ probe technology but with the ability to probe as cold as humanly possible. Celadon’s cryogenic solutions vary from standard VersaTile™ footprints which interface to positioners to innovate custom PCB based designs to allow for flexibility when testing at these very cold temperatures. Lakeshore cryogenic wire is used in standard DC solutions for high density cable-out designs to support high pin count applications. During the development process, Celadon works closely with the cryogenic prober vendor to ensure the integrated solution is optimized for current and future testing needs.

This probe card has all of the benefits of the patented Crash Resistant Technology™ but with the ability to probe down to absolute cold.